"Consider the average life expectancy of the typical local metal band, and what causes them to eventually fizzle. The definition of "success" to a band is what sets Aminals apart. Being completely DIY from the start, Aminals had built quite a name for themselves, and has for some time now been considered a "staple" of the Boston heavy scene. Despite a consistent and growing demand for more, Aminals would self-produce only a song or two, every couple years, or whenever it was *convenient*, at best... never really the types to market excessively on social media, or market much at all, for that matter. Instead, preferring to take a more enigmatic route and remaining at times almost completely under the radar, even going on hiatus entirely for a few years. The basis of this ideology was always a tongue-in-cheek mockery of how dreadfully serious the modern heavy musician takes himself, these days especially. But by the time 2012 had rolled around, it seemed that most bands. particularly in today's heavy realm, wouldn't do much of ANYTHING at all relating to actual music, anymore. The bands that garnered the greatest success, it seemed, were the ones that could wrangle the most "likes", the most "shares", use the most clever marketing techniques on whatever social media platform they could. Aminals, completely in spite of this art-void business machine approach, decided to focus their efforts and finally (again, self-produce) a real full-length album. And again, with no PR, no label backing, no tactical social media campaigns, and virtually no marketing whatsoever, the Internet's reaction was staggering. and, completely unexpected. Almost immediately recognized among Metal Injection's top 10 albums of 2014, Aminals better-late-than-never debut full-length Dead Air was flooring critics and blogs everywhere. Heavyblogisheavy named Dead Air their "favorite debut album of 2014." Realizing that they had, against all expectations, created something that had amassed a significant buzz, Aminals is now determined to stand above the pre-recorded backing tracks and cheesy viral media campaigns of modern heavy music - and do it the old fashioned way."



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